Welcome To The Herd

Well folks, it's official:

LFNT is open for business. 

Whew. Feels good to say that. Why, you ask? Because, LFNT is the result of a half decade of industry experience, and a lot of thought/effort/love/highfives has been put into our inception. Powered by the inimitable Beard Vape Co., LFNT is truly devoted to one thing, and that's making it as easy as possible to keep your E-liquid supply full. 

But enough about us. We want to hear about you. Who are you? Where are you from? What are your thoughts on time travel? Are we D'ing our J (doing our job)? You know, basic stuff. Regardless, feel free to leave us feedback, whatever it may be. 

Another thing worth noting, is our mailing list. We will routinely be having sales, adding new products, DROPPING MERCH (!!!!!!!), so stay abreast by signing up. 

So that's it for now. Stay tuned, we're just getting started...


  • Giovanni Dalama

    Im so sad that my favorite juice Butter Bean pour house is gone, I have sent three emails with not a single response. This was my go to site but now I feel let down and forgotten.

  • Lisa Garell

    I am but shouldn’t be surprised!!! Every time I try one of your new E-Juice I think I’ve tried, The One which truly earned its name. I swear to tell the truth and nothing but the the truth so help me the God of Vaping. The new line from Beard LFNT is the garden of Adam & Eve!!!!! Worth every vape, no matter the consequences !!!! If you love the best , try the best!!!!!!

  • Lisa Dawn Garell

    LFNT is the best line for all your vaping liquids, Thank you Beard for expanding your wonderful line. I used a coupon code: THEONE and saved almost $7.00 on my order this morning. Thanks again.

  • Lisa Dawn Garell

    Vapor Maid Pudding is decedent, you’ve gone and done it again. The One & now this one will take you back to your days of waiting in line for that funnell cake but now there’s no waiting. Give this one a try & Vape on my friends, Vape on!!!! I’m one happy vaper

  • Reida Williams

    Now ya’ll went and did it, you sent me an email with a nice discount to try your new juice, “THE ONE,” here is my response, “WHOLLY YUMMMMMMMMY!!!!!!!” IT IS A KEEPER!!!!! So now, I have 2 juices, I can’t go with out now “THE ONE” & “BEARD #32!!”
    Thanks ya’ll <3

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